lauantai 18. helmikuuta 2012

Singapore is a really neat city. I was thinking about it today when crossing a park. All the cuttings are perfect, trees are trimmed, and there has been rain suitably so that the plants are green. Even though there is busy road next to the park, you feel like being in the nature. Singapore is not as clean as it used to be, you can see sometimes small pieces of rubbish on the side of the streets. But one thing is for sure: you can not find chewing gum leftovers like in Finland.

I gave a bag of Xylitol chewing gum to my Cambodian friend Phary to take home. When we came from Indonesia, Singapore customs took my friend for a discussion. We were wondering what an earth she could have so that customs needed to take her into special room. After a while she came out. Chewing gum. She had the chewing gum bag I had given to her. Customs told it is forbidden to bring chewing gum  into Singapore. Fortunately, they didn't take chewing gum out, since Phary promised that she is not going to open the bag of gum in Singapore, but takes it straight to Cambodia without opening it here.

It is difficult to know what to eat here. Many many dishes, but not familiar, and portions seem to be big. So, I always eat here the same thing: fish balls either in a soup or with noodles like today. Only 2,80 Singapore dollars which is about 2 euros. The other thing I know what to buy is mangoes and dragonfruit.  Obviously, no rye bread in the supermarket, but rather many breads appealing the American side.

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