perjantai 24. helmikuuta 2012

Leaving my Fragrance classic hotel

This morning I had to leave my current Singapore 'home' - a hotel called Fragrance Classic. You need to be conscious of what Fragrance hotel you stay along Balestier road - there are at least three hotels named Fragrance (I wonder why). I chose this one by looking at the beautiful front side - thinking this is a pretty old fashioned one also from the inside. I was wrong - the actual hotel is the pink building behind the decorative front.

The other thing Balestier road is famous for is light and lamp shops. Yes. Next to each other, crystal lights, ordinary lights, wonder Singapore has chosen as the city where the World hour happens - all light are shut for a period of one hour in the autumn. The city used to be Sydney, but it is Singapore.

For lunch my colleagues went for japanese food - I for swimming. My last time in this Toa Park swimming pool. I became their regular customer. The nice thing about Singapore is that there is a lot of swimming pools and they are all cheap! And, there is always space.

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