keskiviikko 22. helmikuuta 2012

After the office day

Today was easy - no long travels MRT and busses - just a five minute walk to the FEBA office. We are planning to do this rural research, and it turns out we are pioneers - very little media research in rural areas has been done. Networking is the key, whatever you do, you can not do it alone - you need networks.

Life after the work day is always interesting. It is still daylight at 6 o'clock. On my way to my swimming pool -  I saw monks taking pictures of each other. I have always wanted to take photos of them, but too lazy to ask permission. This was my chance. They were stopped at the end of the overpass. I asked whether I could take a picture of them - yes - if you are in it yourself. So, here I am.
In Singapore, you can see temples - but it is rare to see monks like this here.
Walking pass the overpass, I could see there was a traffic accident. You can notice it too. Sometimes there are signs at the road side asking for witnesses. Well. this accident has enough wittnesses. And, finally, time to dive into the pool!

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