sunnuntai 12. helmikuuta 2012


I have been now five hours in Singapore, and it feels like a week! Been walking, swimming, dining, fighting with the aircon, monitoring media, relaxing in the warm air.

Singapore is an interesting city - even though it has a lot of traffic, it is not noisy - many tree branches are covering the roads. Walking around in this neighbourhood is pleasant, you see people sitting at the benches, doing something with their phones - or some joggers or bikers.

I live in fourth floor, tiny tiny little room, which barely has enough room for a bed. And tomorrow my Cambodian colleague is about to share this space. I will not open my suitcase - no room for that.

This area feels like home in Singapore - near our company's office, it has a water way to walk along, plus a recreation park nearby. I go there swimming. Only 1,5 SGD. Everybody has their own dressing room. But you take your belongings to the poolside or put them into a locker. Locker costs 0.2 SGD that is 20 Singapore cents. Very little.

Dining was difficult - you do not see single people in eating places - Asians like to eat as groups. So, the dishes are alike. There is very few dishes for single people, which would contain a balanced meal. I ended  up choosing a beanjelly dish with chiles. Sichuan style. Chiles - always the same thing - too hot. I wished I were a racoon and could wash the beanjelly clean from the chilisauce.

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  1. Hi Eila, While U are there, Pls visit The Sands SkyPark Public Observation Deck in Marina Bay Sands. It's must :-) Blessings, Ilkka

  2. Ilkka - tänään oli aikaa käydä sen ihmeellisen rakennuksen alakerrassa, mutta en viittiny mennä ylös kun puutarhat ja uima-allas on nykyään auki vain hotellin vieraille.