maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2012

Ordinary Singaporean day

Wake up at 6 o'clock. Walk to the the MTR station, grab some breakfast to go (but eat it before entering the train). Line of people are moving like ants in a nice row to the train - both sides of the door going in, while people from the center coming out.
Sitting, sitting, nodding, falling asleep, train ride is long, listen to music, glance some latest facebook updates and news. Time to change the train, bus interchange. Queue for the bus, be ready for exact change. Get out of the bus, cross the street take next bus. Sun is up.

Time to alight (that means get out of the bus). Walk up the hill to our study place. Good that you grabbed something at the train station - canteens are not open.

Coming home the same - ticked machine is broken though, after queuing to one machine, you go to another one, if it is broken, you find a third one.

But life is safe, orderly, nice, clean and pleasant. Like tropical rain.

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