sunnuntai 26. helmikuuta 2012

Busy like an ant nest

Singapore is quiet after being in Bangkok one day. This is more like Manila along the main EDSA highway. People and cars, sounds, noises, smells, honks. I went with my friend to an international church - people from all over the world. The language of the service was English and topic Lent. American pastor gave a list of things to consider for Lent - maybe stop eating candy? or start green days by walking or going by public to work? or start being nice to your enemy? invite neighbours for coffee?
Newcomers got a nice necklace. Made of sampaguita orkidea. I have been wearing it the whole day and it smells really nice. Reminds me the day when I arrived to the Philippines and I was given a orchid necklace as a welcome present.

Armona hotel where I stay here is in the middle of all kinds of shops. Tomorrow Wassana, a radio programmer here, will take me for a city tour! We probably go along the river. Exciting.
Here below I am exiting the local tube.

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