torstai 16. helmikuuta 2012

Intersearch training

Life in Intersearch training has been busy. This is the first time I manage to sit down and write to this blog since we arrived here on Tuesday. Yes, the trip from Singapore to Batam island, Indonesia takes only 45 min. This resort is on top of hill, and has a really nice view over the coconut palms to the sea, and far away at the horizon you can still see the Singapore lights night time.

What am I training here? My part is focus groups and other experimentary research. We even conducted a focus group, videoed and analysed part of it, so that later on the participants can do the same in their radio stations when they go home. Of course, my videocassette got jammed in the camera and I was not able to transcribe all the video content. It is always like this when I travel and my husband is not with me - the electronics fail - my phone camera also was dead for a while today until I got directions to fix via skype from home.

The trainer feels being successed, when participants talk and bring different views. It happened today.
Language is the thing - it takes effort to understand others and being yourself understood. We hear different forms of English spoken here - scandinavian, british, american, australian, cambodia and indonesian it is amazing when all those 'languages' can communicate with each other.

Today was my lucky day - I was able to swim in the swimming pool! It is a good replacement for skiing on the frozen lake!

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