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Solina story part 2 - from FEBC via TWR to OMF

This is the second part of Solina story, published earlier in this blog. Solina was tortured by Khmer Rouge, but she survived. After the Khmer Rouge collapsed and Vietnamese army came to Cambodia, she escaped to Thailand. 

During the Khmer Rouge camp, she was able to survive with a bowl of rice a day, and wearing the same clothes. One month she slept on earth floor. Finally, when Vietnamese came, Solina escaped to her own village. She walked there and met her dad and sisters who lived there. They escaped to Thailand separately, 3AM truck took them to Thailand. In Thailand, there stayed in seven camps. Lord stopped her in one camp, by a South African lady who prayed for her in 1979. After that, she met a Youth with a mission lady, who opened her Bible. Solina saw pictures of Jesus and realized how painful it was for Jesus too. The power of cross helped to forgive. Lord changed her heart. Earlier she had thought that she will never go to Cambodia. But Lord changed her heart, and she wanted to go back. Because of Christ she is now in Cambodia.

One morning she walked along the mountain, carrying her water buckets on both sides, she saw beautiful sign. When she was a kid, she had used to go every afternoon to a Catholic priest house. She know only about Protestants and Catholics, she never heard about Christians. Even though her grandma stayed in the temple all the time, her family has not devoted Buddhist; they did not have an altar at home. She herself was a scientist, however she wore a cross as a modern sign. Her mother used to call her a child of Jesus.

She always thought ‘one more day to live’, since the Rouge killed during the night time.

She produced Khmer language programmes to FEBC SW from 1993-1999. After that, she was on loan for TWR in 1999-2001. During that time she launched Project Hanna from Singapore. After that, she was producing content to New Life radio which partners with OMF.

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