lauantai 14. lokakuuta 2017

First time with the new team

On Friday I met the two new team members, Vanda, next to me and Sophors, in the middle. The lady on very left is a waitress in the lunch place. Vanda, 21 and Sophors, 22 are both young Christians. Their story is similar in the way that they both are from the province, Buddhist families. They both came to Phnom Penh to study in the charity called Work to life. It organises computer and English courses to young people. It also provides a dorm for those who come from the rural area. Naturally I asked why did they change their religion. They both said that they met a pastor a share with the story of Jesus. They feel like He has helped them in their lives. Also Vanda's sister and Sophor's brother have become Christians. Vanda was baptised in the church pool, and Sophors will be baptised in the seaside this November.

It is a joy to work with these young people. Sophors is also learning Excel, so hopefully he will be able to do some statistics one day.
We practised interviewing. Sometimes we ran out of English words in coaching, so I had to ask a Krusa-FM staff, assistant to the director, Daneth Sovann, to explain everything in Khmer language.

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