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Solina story part 1

Netflix offers movie ’First they killed my father’. I just had watched on previous night. And the following day I met Solina, whose story goes along the same lines as the movie.
Except for she was at the age of 20 when she heard that Khmer Rouge had ordered everybody to evacuate the town since the Americans were supposedly to bomb the city. 

She wanted to escape the Khmer Rouge to Thailand, but was too late in her escape plan, as the Khmer Rouge took over in April 1975 when she was in Battambang, with her family. She told the same things as in the movie – ‘they made it hard for families to see each other, and we pretended not to know each other’, ‘all villages were kicked out from next to the highway’, ‘Khmer took our car’, and ‘my mother died out of infection, since there was not medicine’.

Khmer Rouge placed her to a group for ‘singles’, since she was single. They offered her a husband to marry. But she did not want to marry that man. Then she was handcuffed, and taken to be investigated. Long story short, she survived the tortures, and worked in three different camps, in one for doing errands in Buddhist temple, in one sowing hats form palm leave, and in one working and living in open field.

Once the Vietnamese came, she was transported to refugee camp in Thailand. In one camp Lord stopped her. That

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