maanantai 16. lokakuuta 2017

Partner meeting

On Monday was a test for my assistants about how they perform to give out the questionnaire. This time, it was a group of Krusa-FM partners. It was good for me be present, so I can really tell what research assistants have learnt and what they need to learn.

After filling out the evaluation questionnaire (designed by the Cambodian research team), the partners talked about the partnership. There were two pastors, and three content producers. This was only of the partner talks that the Krusa-FM evaluation wants to do. There are going to be many more partner talks in the provinces. 

The key is to find out how Krusa-FM, familyradio serves the local charities and churches. Also the evaluation includes how to improve the partnership. What I garnered from today’s talk (as Revy from the Lutheran hour ministries translated it to me), was that pastors see the influence of work extend further via media. Media facilitates the work. If you can not go to meet people, Krusa-FM does it for you, via radio, FB and streaming. 
One way of promoting Krusa-FM is to have these scarves, typical Cambodian scarves, but with added emblem of Voice of Love, which is the officially recognised name of FEBC here. Originally, Voice of Love was the call sign for the shortwave service. 

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