torstai 26. lokakuuta 2017

Mondulkiri - the province of mountains

Visiting listeners in different provinces also shows me how Cambodia varies. During a drive from Kampung Cham via Kratie to Mondulkiri, the scenery changed from that of rivers and fertile land in Kampung Cham to a drier looking land with flocks of cows and waterbuffaloes along the road in Kratie. Approaching Mondulkiri, you could feel the weather cool down a little bit, and see more mountains. The road went up and down and many curves and warning signs of steep downhill. I was happy that none of those downhills were really steep.

Since we were driving to Mondulkiri during the night, it was interesting to look at houses. All of them near the road were connected to electric grid. From several homes, you see a big screen tv screen entertaining the family. In some cases, the the family was sitting in circle in front of the house, sharing their evening meal. Some houses were burning their litter, there were many small bonfires. We stopped at the local diner, had some rice, dried fish and cooked chicken and I of course had a smoothie. Villagers came to see me :-).

We are here to meet SW listeners, since the Krusa-FM signal from Phnom Penh is not audible here at all. We visited a local church, with a small school connected to it. Inside the church there were many pictures of Jesus, which showed the 'white' Jesus, those typical pictures of Bible stories you know. No wonder some Cambodians sometimes have called Jesus 'the American God'.

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