maanantai 23. lokakuuta 2017

Talking bag and many other events

Today was one of my frustrating events, but also it was funny event. Som Chann and I went in the morning to the bus station to buy ticket to Kampong Cham bus. No tickets any more. Only for the V.I.P van. OK. We took it.

While waiting, Sam Chann enjoyed her morning rice, and my morning milk which I never drink. But this time, I felt like I had to order something since I was sitting in the cafeteria. It was fun to watch mothers taking care of the kids.

Soon the driver came to get us into the van. Us two climbed it. I was laughing, that such a big van just for the two of us. But I was wrong. In the following two hours we were collecting people from the city, sometimes drove around the block, sometimes turned around. Five times past the train station.

At one point, a talking bag had appeared to the bag. Luckily the hens quieted down as the driver decided to drive a little bit. The beginning of the journey was slow, but when we finally had full load of ten passengers, we started flying. Som Chann told the driver to slow down. But no.

After an hour of fast driving, the van stopped at the side of road. Driver went to nearby house to get a bucket of water. I guess the motor had gotten too hot. There we waiting for a while and wondering will this ever start again. And it did!

Evaluation team has now arrived to Kampong Cham, since one person of the team, Sophary lives here. Today we sorted out the final questionnaire, and noticed that we had been doing a wrong version of questionnaire. Those first questionnaires will be used as a test. Sophary is also good in translation, so she will see how well Vanda, the latest team member, has translated the Khmer for English. Some of the interviews we collect during evaluation will be used also for marketing, and encouraging donors about the impact of the Krusa FM, or Voice of Love SW, or Voice of Love box ministry.

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