keskiviikko 26. huhtikuuta 2017

Fight against the fake news

Since this is international broadcasters' conference, and majority of broadcasters create news, such as VOA, RFA and RFE/RL, DW, NHK, BBC, RFI, there is a need to fight agains the fakenews.

Good news for broadcasters is, that at least in Europe, the trust in radio is higher than to any other media. 55% of Europeans trust radio, while internet is least trusted, just about 20% by Europeans. Funny thing is that people use internet even though do not trust it.
If you read the news only from the social networks, due to algorythms, all the world seems to be of the same opinion.

To fight agains fake news, many organisations have set up their sites to check the validity and reliability of information. Examples were given sites like CrossCheck, EU Mythbusters, BBC Reality check, Polygraph info for RFE/RL and VOA. Radio France has started even educating children on understanding what is rumor, and is propaganda and what is real news.

Since Prague is the territory of RFE/RL, it was nice to get to know their staff from here, from Russian service and Czech service. They told me that RFE/RL most responsive audience nowadays is Russian and Farsi audiences.


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  1. Good to know your conference is dealing with the latest challenges in understanding and interpreting News! Educate the world!!! :-)