lauantai 8. huhtikuuta 2017

Visiting the South Korea and North Korea border area

The border between South Korea and North Korea is called DMZ (demilitarized zone). From the actual border, it is a zone of two kilometres on both countries' side. Today was a cloudy day, so I could not see the border very clearly. In the picture, it is where there are more yellow grass on the ground. On a good day, you could see village on both countries' side. Those farming villages do not need to pay taxes, since they are in the demilitarized zone. It is very safe there, you have soldier following you when you plant your ginger.
But, underground I was able to walk as close as 170 m away to the North Korean border. I went down into one of the four tunnels that North Korean have built in 1970s to invade Soul. They were masquerad as old coal mining tunnels, but someone found out what they really are. Below is a picture of the tunnel three.
Also, in the DMZ area there is a new train station called Dorasan. It was built by South Koreans with the hope that one day a train will start functioning, so that Koreans can travel by train to Pjongjang, and further through China and Mongolia and Russia all the way to Finland, and even Spain. As of now, you can travel from Seoul to Dorasan, but there is not much sense since you can not go anywhere from the station. To enter DMZ area, you need to use the tour busses.
Visiting DMZ made me understand the Korean history, and what is going on. Also, that families are yearning for their loved ones. For them, it would be great if the two Koreans would unite. There is a wall with a lot of unification wishes in Imjingak tourist resort.

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