maanantai 24. huhtikuuta 2017

Wise words about making smart choices

This is one of the most important annual conferences of my work. Here I meet other people who are doing exactly the same as what I am doing - trying to figure out who is the audience of international broadcasting, local broadcasting and digital media.

The opening remarks were given by Tom Kent, the president of RFE/RL (Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty), which organisation has its office building just next to our hotel. On the sign outside, it says Liberty, and when you walk further, it says Svoboda, the same in Czech language.

Tom Kent's speech was the best content of today. Nothing new, but good repeats...nowadays audience numbers are complicated - shall we call our audience a person who clicks on video for two seconds?
In research, we need to focus on actionable facts, and give answers to questions. Are your findings used? What segments of the audience you want to be reached? What segments of the audience we can sacrifice? Are decision makers listening?
So that research would have a during impact, it has to bring action points, results need to be given.
Content producers need to know what is the audience and track it.

Audience research need to be packed by the management.

To finish his speech, Kent reminded of two things:
1) Our work is long term work. Radio Liberty for example kept the information life line open for 40 years to the iron curtain
2) Behind a number there is a person. Your numbers are not just numbers, they are people - eyes opened, compassion encouraged, information given.

Smart research leads to smart content production. 

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