tiistai 11. huhtikuuta 2017

Korea highlights: warm toilet sheet and soybean stew

My time in Seoul is winding up. I need to say I like this city. It has a lot of parks in between the housing. So, even though there are a lot of high rise buildings, you get to be near the nature as parks are provided in between the buildings. Near FEBC radio station was a hill, which provided beautiful views over the city.

Toilets in Korea are very comfortable. The seats are heated up, and you do not need to flush the toilet. You also can wash yourself with various bidee showers and drying systems. I have never seen such a sophisticated toilets. Here is the control unit of the toilet seat.

Famous Korean food is bulgogi, which is meat cooked in front of you at the gas burner, usually with mushrooms. Since I am not a real meat eater, a soybean stew became my favorite. It is served steaming hot from a bowl, with condiments. Stew is hot also spice wise. So, when I get my bowl of soup, it takes almost an hour to eat, first to cool down and then survive with spices, eating water in between. Here in the picture is the stew on left bottom corner. The rest are condiments, kimchi naturally included.

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