tiistai 25. huhtikuuta 2017

New findings on Facebook and Twitter

Today was a very good day in terms of learning new research findings about the Facebook. 
The main finding is that facebook is not so good for news. People do not use it for news. This the finding of two separate studies, one from Middle East and the other from several different countries ( India, Mexico and Middle East, and UK).  Both studies concluded the same: FB is not good for news source. Only 10% in Middle East region consider it for news source. 

Even though a broadcaster would post news to FB, the user does not see the news coming from the broadcaster - instead the user sees the news coming from FB or from the FB friend who posted it. So, whoever is the source of news, according to user's experience, gets the credit. 
On average, only 8% people in various countries recognised that the news came from BBC. Most FB users thougth the news came from FB or their FB brand. 

So, after all the strategizing and planning the social media use, and building your brand on it, you may have done a lot of futile work. 

Another finding was about Twitter. DW (Deutche Welle) in Indonesia did a qualitative study on their users.
During interviews, the respondents were following DW tweets, and comparing them to the accounts they normally use. Some Indonesians use Twitter to interact with their fireds, but not so much for news, and Indonesian do not comment much on political topics. DW has chosen as a strategy to post unique news on Indonesian Twitter - for example about benefit of using ginger. DW noticed that their Twitter account is not doing well. If you want Indonesians to follow you, you need to have many followers, good credibility, be retweeted by others, have factual and objective information. 
As a result of the study, DW is considering to use Instragram in the future instead of Twitter in Indonesia.


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