torstai 6. huhtikuuta 2017

Korean lovely dining

Here in Korea, as in many other countries, the food is important. The hotel where I have stayed has provided pretty westernised food, with the exception of kimchi being served always at the breakfast and lunch time.

But today, we went to an official Korean food restaurant. Food is served in many little bowls. One bowl had like a little bit porridge, the other one had radish swimming in sweet-and-sourish clear liquid. Tea as a drink. Notice: in Korea, the chopsticks are metal.
At first we had salads and greens to start with. After that the waiter set up the gas stove in the middle of the table, put a grill top on it, and started grilling Korean barbeque.

One the meat is cooked, you take a piece of it, wrap it into a green pandan leaf (in upper right corner of the picture), along with whatever greens you want to eat. Alongside you eat either rice or cold noodles, which are swimming in vinegar water (this is favored in hot days).
In Korean restaurant, you have green tea ice cream with berry liguid (look like loose Finnish berry soup or marjakiisseli).

But Erja (my colleague from Sansa) and I had an additional desert - we went to Baskin and Robbins in local department store, and Erja bought cherry-walnut ice cream and I had yoghurt milk shake.

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  1. How about vegetarian diet in Korea?

  2. It is easy to be vegetarian in Korea since they eat a lot of fresh vegetables, usually cut in pieces. But for those who like meat, Korean barbecue it is.