tiistai 13. kesäkuuta 2017

Qualitative research training

In this craft of mine, there are few people around. It is necessary to train others so that they can train others locally. Today I trained two people who are going to be trainer assistant and a trainer. Two women, Sophary and Sam Chann, both young Cambodian women. Sam Chann works as a partner relations staff in local family radio Krusa-FM. Sophary is ex-staff of Krusa-FM, and contracted now as audience relations database analyst.

Sophary has a ten-year connection to Krusa, while Sam Chann has been around Krusa for seven years. Sophary is needed because of her English skills. If Sam says ‘boo’, I understand she means ‘boat’, but she actually means ‘board’. So, Sophary is very handy in this aspect of being the interpreter between us two.

Today we learned how to do interview with documentation. Here, Sophary interviews Sam Chann.
After the interview, we learned how to transcribe. A three minute interview took about one hour to transcribe! Tomorrow, we will analyse it using content analysis technique. Researchers call it a very difficult technique, but that is my only choice. I think if Cambodians translate everything that I can analyse, it is not right either, because in translation you lose so much from the real meaning.

This training was possible thanks to Hezekaih sleeping a long nap. Sophary’s son, 11-month-old boy is around and still fairly dependent on his mother.

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