maanantai 12. kesäkuuta 2017

Each person has a history

Meeting Cambodian people is very touching. So far I have met two interesting children, whose life is not the easiest one. Both are five years old, from different families, a girl and a boy.

The girl came to our Sunday listener meeting with her little sister and grandma. She was crying and looked like was in pain. With Lovely Chann’s and Susma’s (both working at Krusa-FM) translation help, I was able to figure out that she probably was born at some kind of autism, since at the age of five she does not speak. When she plays with other kids, she sometimes behaves not so nice. Obviously. She can not community. Good thing is, that she get help from local social service. They are teaching her some phonetics. I tried to tell the grandma that it is also possible to teach her hand movements for expression, but I think this idea got lost in translation.

The boy was also at the listener meeting with his grandma. Grandma told me that he lost his mother 25 days after the birth. Due to blood loss. He was born premature, at 7th pregnancy month and with only weighing one kilo plus. It is a miracle he is alive. When I asked why the father does not want to take care of the boy, grandmother said that the father has a new marriage and lives in another province. So, the grandparents have taken care of him. 

Boy’s grandmother’s history is also interesting. Thirteen years ago her brother gave her a booklet called ‘The bridge’. It is obviously an illustration how Jesus built a bridge covering  the gap that exist between God and human race. She did not want to read the booklet. Until one night he heard God’s voice. She asked her husband about it. But husband did not hear the voice. It was like when Samuel in the Bible hears the voice of God. That changed her life. She wanted to become a Christian.

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