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Today, at least in Finland was the memorial day for those our loved ones who have passed. My colleague Chann Sam took me to two Cambodian memorials sites: 1) Win Win memorial for the peace and 2) the Choeung ek Genocidal center also known as the Killing fields. 

1) The Win Win memorial is really new, finished in March 31st this year. It is a very tall memorial. It reads "Cambodian people came to realize the value of peace at the start of the was in 1970. However, we had no choice as we were hostages of was"

Its motto are Gratitude, Harmony and Participation. 

I am sure the Saouth Asian games participants next year will enjoy going to see the memorial. The whole is under construction, road asfalted and made wider. 

Opposite to the memorial is the Sports stadium for the athletes. It is also built this year. So, Cambodia getting ready for the games

2) The Killing fields was touching site. I have watched some movies related to the Pol Pot era, but seeing the bone parts and leftover clothes in glass cupboards visible was touching. 

This photo depicts the graves. A total of 20,000 people have been buried here under the grass. 
The memorial in Killing fields depicts a woman with a child. So often families were separated, wives from husbands, kids from mothers. The fate of women was not good. Everybody who survived was traumatised. That is why Familyradio Krusa-FM tries heal wounds in the families. 
For example my Chann Sam's mother was killed when she was 3 months old. She was taken care by different neighbours in the countryside. Reason for the mother's killing was that she had a jewelry job. 
Now Chann Sam helps families in Cambodia by working in the family radio. Below, Chann Sam, me and the Win Win.

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