keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2022



FEBC Bangkok studio has a very talented man, Tsum, who works in admin but he is a real entertainer, making his music, singing and playing instrument (sitting on the floor on the right). 

To the end of this post, I will post a song they sang this morning, a praise song for God. 

For me, the most valuable staff in the radio studio are follow-up people, those who answer the audience comments, questions and needs via phone or LINE calls, via social media and via YouTube: Ping Pang, Peu, (me), Ratri and Pui. Ratri and Ping Pang relate to audience who takes the Bible correspondence course that has been very popular among the Thai listeners. From paper format, the course is now available via LINE application.

Yesterday, when meeting listeners we gave out radios. Why? There are certain areas that are not covered with internet, or, alternatively the listener can not afford to pay for the internet connection. 
Sometimes you meet with surprises like these elderly people living in the laptop photo. They listen and watch the content on laptop. How they can afford? Their children have provided them the device as well as their their internet fee. So, you never know.

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