sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2022


Manila has changed a lot. Thirty years ago there was Makati area that had some high rise buildings. But now people say Manila everywhere can grow only vertically, not horizontally. That means many tall buildings have been constructed in other areas besides Makati.

I myself made a reservation to this 34-store building without realising that I end up staying in the 31st floor! Me, who hates high places. This is like being in a landing airplane all time. The difference is that the plane never lands! 

I closed my curtains so that I do not need to look at the scenery, even though it is pretty amazing. This is good training for me for high places. 

 Earlier today, I went with my colleagues Vaughan and Aleda Hagberg to a small

church. They just recently started having a face-to-face service. Everybody was still wearing masks. 

The sermon was about sharing the hope we have. He told about a billiard joint where the drug users used to get together. A local pastor was also playing billiard to make friends with the drug users. Police raided the place and wanted to arrest everybody, including the pastor. When the neighbours of the pastor saw it, they told police not to arrest pastor, since he is a good man. And police did not arrest him. 

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