perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2022


The Philippines, the country of sweetness and romance. 

Even I met the love of my life,

Patrick, here. We even had our wedding ceremony here in the radio station compound. Now that area is a park and FEBC Philippines has moved to high-rise building's 34th and 46th floors. 

I have many friends and colleagues here, and I have kept in touch with them via social media. One of them is Mariam Baylon, with whom I conducted disaster preparedness research for the aftermath of India Ocean tsunami. She picked me from the airport. Now she works with an NGO who helps poor people in Asian countries to get their livelihood. 

Manila traffic has improved a little bit since my last coaching trip here. To the main street, EDSA, they have built bus lane, which is clearly (black-yellow stripes) by cement fence separated from the rest of the lanes. The passengers get off, and climb the stairs to the train that runs above EDSA. 

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