maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2022

7.11.2022 Bangkok

In Finland, one the common mistakes by my favorite grocery store Prisma is to call 'mango' as 'mangosteen'. I have told many times them that the fruit they are selling is mango, not mangosteen, but the wrong label stays. Here is the photo of mangosteen, as a whole and as opened. You eat only the white part, the rest will be thrown away. It is kind of sweet with small compartments like orange. I bougth one kilo of them today, and it cost 150 bath, about 3 USD or 3 euros. 

Today I spent the whole day in FEBC office in Bangkok. We discussed about data collecting, analysing, and using the data. We discussed also about the different dashboards for data collection and analysing. In the photos, is Kamolthip, who produces four radio programs and one YouTube content series where aunt and nephew are talking about current issues. Kamolthip as a senior shares her wisdom to the younger generation. 

Opposite to her is Noppakhun, who works with many ethnic groups in Thailand-Vietnam-Laos border. Each group have their own script and language, therefore it is hard to have the same dashboard for them. Ethnic groups have really beautiful handicrafted clothes, which they use is special occasions.

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