tiistai 19. kesäkuuta 2018

To the province of Kampung Thom

In my Cambodia trips, the favorite times are when I get to jump into the white van, driven by Puhak, and join some of the staff to meet listener. This time, it is the family seminar, lead by Pastor Joseph Keo and his wife Makara, that we are heading for.

On the way I was monitoring the signal of Krusa FM using a transistor radio. Few years back I bought a 4 USD radio from Myanmar. When the signal got bad, I marked the spot on google maps, saved it and shared to engineering. And when the signal got better, I did the same thing too. Some places there were several competing signals around the 99 spectrum - it feels like it is only kHz area that can exist for broadcasting! Weird.
Most of the time signal was clear. But, surprisingly in Kampong Thom relay area, the 0.5 kW transmitter is not very strong. It really needs be boosted.
I am going to monitor also the SW signal. That happens in the morning from 6 to 8. But it is easy to wake up here are 6 am. It is the time when it gets light.

We visited a local business: Danitha bottling company. It is a family business. Father is a pastor, but since pastors here do not get any salary, they usually have a job. Many are farmers. This pastor had established a bottling company. One family member cleans, fills the bottles, one closes the lids, one puts the label on (in the picture), one collects the bottles in 12 packs, and one wraps them with a heater blower.
They make 400 packs of 12 a day. Business has got its name from the 5-year old daughter Danita.

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