lauantai 16. kesäkuuta 2018

Encouragement is important

I had a great priviledge to encourage the Krusa FM staff in their work. I shared the results of the evaluation study Krusa FM people had been doing. The research was designed so that Krusa FM research team give out the questionnaires as they visit the listener meetings in 24 provinces.

First I asked from the staff, who is your listener. 'Women', '25-65' year olds, 'farmers, housewives, civil servants', 'Christians'. These answers were based on who calls the station.

However, the evaluation shows both men and women listen to Krusa, also younger than 25-years listen to Krusa. What it comes to occupation, staff was almost right, except for students also listen. However, they do not contact the station so often. Also, besides Christians, there are also some Buddhists and Muslim that listen.

Most encouraging finding of the evaluation was that Krusa gives hope, happiness, relaxations, rest to its listeners. Krusa helps to convey the experience of God's love to listeners. Moreover, Krusa helps in family life - in spouses' relationship to each other, in parents relationship to children, bringing up children.

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