torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2018

Program for men and 'first video on FB' -day

In Finland, I have heard guys talking about the need of a radio program for men, since there is this famous Hope for Women radio program for women.
Today I met a Krusa producer, Chopheak, a young man who has been producing a one-hour radio program for men.

He got an idea about it last year. The idea is simple to talk about family and society issues facing men. Each program has a guest invited to give answers to the audience's questions.

He uses Family seminar's content for some of his programs. There are especially matters such as how to handle money, and how to take care of your family, that men listeners have questions about.

Today was a special day in Krusa FM. Producers were nicely dressed, and women wearing more make-up than usual. It was the first time that the studios has cameras on. So audience could see them!

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