maanantai 4. helmikuuta 2019

Electricity and machines

Judaag is the word I learnt today. It is used here in Bihar. It means that you can fix things and life continues. This morning, the hotel staff was setting up the data monitor. Looked like the plug was not well connected to the wires. The staff member bit the wires few times. No result. He twisted them in different ways into the plug holes. No result. Then he pressed the loose plug unto the loose wires in the plug-in. The data monitor lit up!

Today was we faced some challenges in the service of electricity and the data monitor. But, with adjusting to the situation, all went well. Now my husband will think why did not I take with me the mini data projector and loud speaker he gave me long time ago. Good question. Next time I carry them with me. My greatest challenge is being technically challenged. But, I guess I need to grow in that respect.
Purnia, where the second batch of evaluation volunteers are trained is a little quiter town than the two others, Patna and Bhagalpur. Even so, that I dared to go for a walk alone outside our hotel the first time ever in Bihar! And, right almost right away I started walking, I almost stepped on dogs that were sleeping along the street. They got startled by me, and started barking. Big dogs I am afraid of. I changed the sides and continued by walk. Next, I meet this little puppy who is so darling. Even dogs here are survivers, puppies along the street survive. 

Happy moment when both the electricity and data monitor work

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