lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2019

Bihar improves

There are some good things happening in Bihar. Since 2015, alcohol has been completely banned from Bihar. The reason was that alcohol consumption was related to morality. Indeed, I have not seen a single person drunk so far. Neither have I seen anybody smoke, even though smoking is not prohibited. Drugs are prohibited all over India. 

But there are some allowances for minorities to make their own alcohol, since it is considered part of their culture. And, just today I read from today’s the Times of India newspaper that there is smuggling of alcohol going on and police tries to stop it.

The other good thing is that four years ago, Prime Minister Modi started a cleanliness campaign. You can not get plastic bags from anywhere. And it is good, since there is enough garbage on the ground. In some Asian countries, I have seen carbage being burnt by fires. But here burning the garbage by fire is not allowed. It would pollute the thick air even more. So, carbage remains on the road and street side, but at least the number of plastic bags is not increasing. 

Sanitation is a big problem. Before I came here, the tourist guides were advising using tablets and filters for water purification. And I did! I bought a proper filter bottle and effective water purification tablets. First I purify my tap water with tablets, and then filter it. I call it my ‘water works’. So far so good. 

On train stations, there are slogan recommending for urinating into urinals, and not into the nature. Train stations have been provided both with a tooth and face washing place (video below) and a free urinal. Still it is quite common to do your thing where ever, especially men. 

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