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Bihar foods

As always, being in another country the menu is different. For breakfast, you eat usually rice with lentil daal - kind of lentil thick soup, along with coffee where the milk has been already included. In addition you can have roti or naan bread. 

For lunch, first some light sour vegetable soup, the naan, roti or/and rice with thick spinach gravy and vegetable mixture and lentil daal. For desert, a sweet mini round donut ball in suryp called gulab jamun. Otherwise, Bihairis eat very little sweets, even kids do not eat much sweets. 

For dinner, similar things as for  lunch. Bread and rice gravys are very taste. Indians know how to flavour their food. When I ask what spice has been used in the food, they reveal ‘Indian spices’.
‘Gravys’ are eaten so that you take a piece of bread into your fingers and grab the gravy with the bread. All my students were really good in handling the bread. I was not. If I eat with fingers, I want to use my left hand. But it is not ok to eat with your left hand. 
Sweet gulab jamun

Since you eat with fingers, after the meal, you get a little metal bowl with water and half limes in it. You clean your fingers.
After the dinner, you take a spoonful of fennel seeds to get a fresh breadth. 
Fingerwash dish, fennel seeds and rock sugar, and tootpick after meal

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