sunnuntai 1. marraskuuta 2015

Water and elections

Being a tourist is really fun here. You are treated extremely well. I was on a walk today, and got really thristy, and had no water with me. I went to a hotel next to the road, and asked to buy water. The receptionist forwarded me to their restaurant. I ordered water and papaya juice. However, when I wanted to pay, the receptionist told me they can not charge under 10 USD expenses from credit card. And I did not have any cash (here you can pay in tourist places with USD bills.) What now? Happily the hotel manager decided my drinks are complimentary, so no payment was required..

After my walk, I arrived my hotel and asked to get my usual complimentary water bottles and thermos filled up with water (I was thirsty again). The cleaner lady brought me the waters. After a while, somebody knocked my door: there was another set of water bottles and a thermos. I tried to explain the servant that I already have, but he insisted me on taking them. So, a lot of water today!

During my walk, I saw many cars with red flags; signifying the election campaign. Maybe your news service has told about the upcoming election here, happening in one week, November 8th. Here in Asia the Myanmar election is well covered. Today National League for Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi held her probably only Yangon rally today. According to MediaAsiaNews, it was peaceful. I saw some police on the roadside, and some police cars, more than usual. Also munks were seen at the streets, even though they do not have right to vote.

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