lauantai 7. marraskuuta 2015

Phnom Penh life

Saturday is a busy day in Phnom Penh. Downtown at the river front you see families, young people and tourists walking around or sitting in a circle, sharing food or carrying conversations. Young couples drive with their motorbikes. Even though traffic is busy, the atmosphere is peaceful, and few people honk their horns. Even though my friend Robledo makes a U-turn in a busy street, somehow the cars and motorbikes adjust to that new move, which upsets the continuous flow of traffic. Traffic goes on in harmony. I have not yet seen an accident.

Besides hanging at the river, the other alternative for young people and families is to go to a modern, recently build shopping center called AEON. It is like any American shopping center, with nice movie theater. In Asia, shopping centers organise business events in the common area. Today there was some kind of raffle of various condominiums. TV cameras, lights and sound systems were professionally working. 

Phnom Penh is being built. New constructions can be seen in many places. One example is this building with a peak, also called 'a bird'. Modern office building. My friend Samouen told me that only fourth of the offices are occupied. Cambodians prefer to do business on small offices at the street side.

On Monday, November 9th is going to be Cambodia's independence day.  Already on Saturday the Independence Monument in the middle of Norodom Boulevard was open for public.

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