tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2015

More about the trees

Myanmar is known to be a Buddhist country. The book I have been reading here, Saw Myat Yin’s Culture shock Myanmar describes the Maynmar people as superstititous. Such things as logs can float upstream, pagoda images may appear in the sky, and monks can travel and levitate through the air. Rivers and oceans can eat people, since they have spirits that can take people.  Certain mountains and trees can hold spirits, called nat, who can be given offerings like this tree near my hotel.

Indeed, Myanmar has many trees with long long branches. I saw one nice tree on our way to Bago. There were many cars under the tree. My friend Sanda explained that these cars come to get blessings from the tree. Some left with a flower from that tree on their bonnet. Obviosly that was a tree with good spirits.

Every morning I have been looking at this tree. Lanterns are still from the festical lights, that has been celebrated here recently. Nice thing about Myanmar as well as many other Asian countries is that mornings are full of light. Myanmar people tend to go to bed early and wake up early. This morning I had a business meeting at 7 AM.  

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