keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Learnings about India

My time here in India is soon over. Many people ask me what I think of India. Now I can say 'I like India'. I like the colours, the food, the green trees and pastures. I like the cows. I like people, even though it is hard for me understand their English. The only I thing I do not like about India, is traffic. It is very difficult to describe the traffic.

The main thing is that people use the horn a lot, and blink their lights, rather than using the signal. I have almost seen an accident here every day. Here is one example - the back of pick-up had fallen unto a motorbike.
 Even people honk to each other and get impatient with each other, there is one creature that everybody is patient with - cows and puffalos. A cow can cross a busy intersection, and all vehicles politely give away to the cow. Cows trust people, and walk whereever they want to find food. Our Taj Mahal tour guide Lelad explained today that Indians think that cow is reincarnation of previous generations. Besides, cow is very useful, gives good milk and its manure is useful for fire, or as a mosquito repellent.

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