torstai 29. syyskuuta 2016

Amul milk

As a farmer's daughter I enjoy seeing cows and buffalos here in Vadodara and Nadiad, where the training facility of the Catholic college is located. (In Delhi, cows are forbidden). In the papers you read though that cows in Gujarat cause accidents, since they peacefully in the midst of the hectic traffic. Now they plan to improve the shelter for them, so that they would not eat plastic and die. Usually, the farmer owns one or two cows of buffalos, and earns about 400 USD a year with their milk.
In between training, my hosts Satay and Eva took me to visit a local dairy. Well, not a small dairy - a big co-operative diary, which exports its products to 52 countries in the world, largest being Singapore and USA. It started in 1946, one year before the independence of India, established by a Christian gentleman. It has given income for many farmers in the area. It is the first AMUL diary in India, now there are 65 dairies. So, pay attention to the AMUL -word - you might spot it in your local grocery store's milk product section.
Indian milk truck

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