tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2016

Teaching the students

Today was the second day of teaching the students from the Gujarat villages to do evaluation. I emphasised them unique it is that they collect data from villages. No survey research organisation does it nowadays. The villages these students are from, still have illiteracy. But, on the other hand, they also have mobile phones and internet, even though slow and expensive.

Today I needed the students' help finalising the questionnaire. They gave some ideas about the choices of what to ask from villagers. Most of the villages are farming villages, around 100 to 200 inhabitants. Students learn to interview first each other, and after that, they become familiar with the interviewing. This is the biggest challenge, to teach them to be good interviewers. They do not have experience or previous training about interviewing.
I like teaching these students, and I like that they are interactive with a lerarning attitude. My interpreter is good too, and sometimes I feel he works more than I do - he explains students very well. Some of the concepts we needed to talk more, such as, what do they understand about growing as a Christian. The purpose of this study revolves around how Christian media content has helped local village Christians.
Here I am with some of the student in Catholic college garden

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