keskiviikko 6. huhtikuuta 2016

Drawing and fishing

In this media conference I have met many interesting people. I participated in a group that dealt with training how to survive trauma. To start with, I went to that course to spend some time with my co-workers from Central Asia, and help them in them to learn in English speaking environment. Turned out that they changed to another track, and I stayed in the trauma track.

I am not a councellor of any sort, but it was interesting to learn from the trainee’s teaching methods. Two of the most valuable things I learnt was drawing and fishing.

Drawing: it is ok to make people to draw. Especially nowadays, when so much media is digital, just taking a pen to your hand can be creative. Our trainer said drawing helps to combine left and right hemispheres of the brain. Those parts are disintegrated especially as a result of traumatic event. 

Fishing: If you want to a certain answer from a group, do not fish. Fishing means you give them different questions and try hard that people will give the answer you want them to give. Instead, make the participants work with some material that provides answers to your questions. After the work, you ask what they found out and hopefully, get the correct answer. 

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