torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2016

No problem

Here in Chiang Mai I have now been sitting two days in learning about trauma and how to deal with trauma. Not that I intend to be a counsellor, I took this group to spend time with my Kyrgyz colleagues. Today they moved to a more relevant track for them (taught by RadioWorld trainer) to learn about audio production.

I have enjoyed my track. It is interesting to hear views from Myanmar, Singapore and Thai participants. One common saying in all these countries is 'No problem' when being asked 'how are you doing?'.

Problems are not talked over, and difficult family issues are being hidden to save the face. We talked about the path of dealing with grief. After crisis, first comes denial or anger, then hopelessness. This all will hopefully end by new beginnings. Simple formula, but not easy to go through.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Kuulostaa kiinnostavalta! Toivottavasti olet päässyt myös aamulenkeille! :)

  2. Joo pääsin tänä aamuna Ilkan ylväällä opastuksella. Huomenna jatkan. Uima-allas ei muuten ole yhtä kuuma kuin Balilla, vaikka kuuma täällä muuten on - varsinkaan kun seminaarihuoneessa ei toimi ilmastointi. Mutta se on suomalaisen sauna :-)