torstai 1. maaliskuuta 2012

Song in Bangkok

Life has settled here - I wake up, go to breakfast, and then swimming before the meetings begin. Today was a fun day since I was working in a task group with Indian, Pakistani, South African, South Korean, Zimbabwean and Cambodian. Actually, we were a very good multi-cultural team - I even got invited to Bangalore next month! (just kidding...) We all agreed that the real English -speakers use too difficult language, so that we did not always know what we were supposed to talk about.
All the other groups defined fancy vision - sentences. We scribbled something very simple (see the photo).

Temperature outside was 39 C at 15:30. It is very hot for Finnish standards - we never have so hot days. However, after workday I went jogging. Many locals passed by, but I managed to run over 5 km in this heat. Equals to being in sauna. After that, it is really fun to buy Gatorade from park kiosk.

In Bangkok, at noon and at 18.00 music start playing in loud speakers, and you listen to a song is being sung. Everybody stops to listen the song. It is the national anthem. After the song is finished, you can start walking and running again. I have a video about that above. Hope you can see it.

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