lauantai 3. maaliskuuta 2012

Phnom Penh and friends' five star hotel

It was so sweet to land to Phnom Penh. After the millions of cars of Bangkok, from the airplane window you can see how streets here are full of mopeds, but since they are smaller than cars, it looks spacious here. Life feels calm, less buildings, more nature and fields, and many of them covered with floody waters. It is now dry season, and by April all the extra waters should have been evaporated.

I had friends to meet me at the airport! Samoeun grabbed my suitcase almost right after I entered from the welcoming hall.

At their home, Robledo, Samoeun's husband had prepared a lovely meal - with rice, Pampango stew (with some liver in it too, and carrots of course), grated mango, and petchay leaves cooked with some vegetables, plus grilled catfish from their own bond. Delicious. This was not all -for desert, fresh mango and buko salad (coconut salad with evaporated cream in it), and a special cake made of ube, coconut milk, some butter (in the picture, the bluish looking cake). Ube cake is Filipinos' traditional Christmas cake.
Here are the Intals and Sylvia, their friend. Since they all know besides Khmer, also Tagalog, I wanted them to speak tagalog and let me guess what they were talking about.

Now, time to go to bed in Intal top floor - hearing crickets, dogs, sometimes airplane landing or starting. Every now and then the wind smoothly moves the curtains. This is the tropics. My five star hotel at Intals.

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