sunnuntai 25. syyskuuta 2016

Vadodara, traffic and lovely costumes

Little did I know where I end up. This town of Vadodara, about 1,5 hours flight Southwest of Delhi, is a cultural center of Gujarat. This a city of 2,3 million population, and you can see it is big city from the balcony of my hotel. Nice thing about this city is that there are several parks and trees, which softens the traffic humming and sounds.

 Here are a lot of motorbikes, just like in Phnom Penh, but the rhytm of the traffic is faster. Last night, when we were driving from the airport, we passed a motorbike accident, where a couple had been hit by a truck, and the wife had died. Even though there are traffic light, they are not observed. Many intersections need a police to guide the traffic.

People here are really friendly. Very often I need to ask again and again to understand what they say, since I am not used to the style of Indian English. And, they do not always understand me :-).

In the park, a Gujarati man, sitting with his girl friend, approached my bodyguard, wanting help from the American. Seems like Americans are more appealing than the Finns :-(. It was the first time I meet two people who work as international telephone callers. They both work for American company, here in Vadodara.
Women's costumes are really nice here, consisting of a long skirt, with leggings, and of course, the scarf on the shoulders and/or head. There are various patterns and desings. Often the earrings and other 'jewelry' match the rest of the clothing. Eva, my local hostess here said it takes 10 minutes to get dressed into a sari. Not bad.

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