perjantai 30. lokakuuta 2015

Landing to the green and golden land

I landed today to Yangon, Myanmar. Already from the airplane window you could see how green this country is. Only one golden spot in the middle of the green - Shwedagon pagoda.

Myanmar has changed a lot in past two years. Ever since attaining visa to visit Myanmar was made easier, tourists have arrived. With my visa that I got via internet, there were no problems. This seems to be one the easy countries to enter! The immigration lady did not spend more than a minute glancing at my papers.

The airport area is being built and improved. Ever since Myanmar hosted the ASEAN confence last year, the co-operation between the ASEAN countries has increased, specifically with China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

My arrival happened to go along with a special Buddhist holiday week. I have not had time to find out much about it, but the main idea is to light candles in the pagodas. I went with my friends to the Shwedagon pagoda which I saw from the plane. It really is a large temple area, whose main tower is made of golden sheets. It shines.

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