keskiviikko 27. heinäkuuta 2011

Geocaching with palm trees

Sometimes I think I have three homes - one in Asia, one in Finland, one in USA. I am happy whereever I am. Palm trees, small and tall show the way along the path around this hotel. Today was a time of geocaching. Palm trees were not used this time, instead GPS gadgets, to find treasures. Besides the quiz that the teams had to solve, I found two golfballs. Going to take them home as pasalubongs (souvenir gifts). I learnt that it is interesting to open and see what's in them.

One of the my homes in Asia has been in Manila, Philippines. Me and my Filipino colleague Remy were thinking of the time in Karuhatan, Valenzuela, and all the people we knew. Like myself, also Remy had got married in the old chapel in the compound.

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